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BFF 's - Building Families of Faith

We are group of younger adults, some single, and some with families.  We enjoy a good discussion of faith based topics and how they relate to our lives.  We are focused on growing in our faith.  We love to meet new people so please come and check us out!  We meet in CEB 305

The Genesis Class

The Genesis class is based on open discussion of Bible-based lessons. We study various topics and have had a variety of guest speakers.  We strive for a welcoming atmosphere. The class has several social activities per year. We are also mission-oriented and commit to church-sponsored, as well as special missions each year. Various class members teach the class. Meets in (CEB) Room 317.

The Good News Class

The Good News class is an eclectic group with various backgrounds and experiences that embrace different points of view. Contemporary Christian material is used to spawn lively conversation. Various class members teach the class. Meets in (CEB) Room 309.

The Hannon Class

The Hannon Class is a mature group of members that enjoy studying the Bible. We use the INTERNATIONAL LESSON SERIES OF ADULT BIBLE STUDIES and have a class social each month.  Meets in the Heritage Building, Rm. 114 (near the Sanctuary).

The New Beginnings Class

The New Beginnings class enjoys open discussion of a variety of contemporary topics and how they relate to our Christian faith.  Discussions are grounded in Biblical truths and use of materials written by Biblical scholars. We enjoy fun and fellowship! Various class members teach the class. Meets in (CEB) Room 306.

The Pairs & Spares Class

The Pairs & Spares class is a group of singles and couples who do a methodical study of the Bible and contemporary issues. We welcome all newcomers! Meets in (CEB) Room 303.

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